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Crestron Electronics, Inc. - GLS-ODT-C-CN
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2000 sq ft Dual-technology Occupancy Sensor with Cresnet

Series: Green Light


Part #: 6510222

  • Ceiling-mount occupancy sensor
  • Dual-technology motion detection
  • 360 degree coverage pattern
  • 2,000 sqft coverage area
  • Discreet, low-profile appearance
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The Crestron® GLS-ODT-C-CN sensor features accurate, dual-technology occupancy detection in a large room or space and delivers a powerful and cost-effective solution for reducing energy consumption and enhancing the functionality of lighting and environmental systems. The GLS-ODT-C-CN is a low-profile, ceiling-mounted occupancy sensor designed for areas up to 2,000 square feet, making it great for use in large spaces such as auditoriums, warehouses, and building lobbies. Reliable Cresnet® wired communications directly connects the sensor to a Crestron control system for integrated control of lighting, climate, and other devices in the room.
Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensing
Achieving consistent and dependable occupancy sensing is accomplished using a combination of ultrasonic and passive infrared (PIR) sensing technologies. Ultrasonic motion detection is highly sensitive to small movements over a large area, while passive infrared sensing ensures superior immunity to false triggers from vibrations, inanimate objects, or movement in an adjacent corridor. Ultrasonic motion detection can be turned on for Side A, Side B, or both sides of the occupancy sensor to avoid false occupancy readings when the sensor is facing a hallway or doorway. The GLS-ODT-C-CN provides independent sensitivity adjustment for each sensor type for optimum performance in any space.
Walk-Through Mode
This sensor detects momentary occupancy and automatically turns the lights off after 90 seconds with the built-in Walk-Through feature, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.
Grace Occupancy Feature
When the lights turn off in a room programmed to vacancy only mode, a 15-second grace period starts during which the room lights can be turned on again by simply waving a hand to trigger the sensor.
Ambient Light Recognition
A built-in photo sensor detects the amount of ambient light in the room. When enabled, the photo sensor can override the occupancy sensor' signal to turn on the lights if the ambient light level is above a set threshold, preventing lights from turning on when there is sufficient daylight in the room and also performing daylight harvesting and dimming when appropriate. Programming logic must be included to utilize this override feature.

  • Ceiling-mount occupancy sensor
  • Dual-technology motion detection
  • 360 degree coverage pattern
  • 2,000 sqft coverage area
  • Discreet, low-profile appearance
  • Extremely accurate and reliable sensing
  • Fully digital circuitry for low cost and high reliability
  • Built-in ambient light recognition
  • External photo sensor input
  • Control system communications via Cresnet®
  • Grace Occupancy feature
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