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Creating CCS Headquarters’ Lobby to be a Dynamic, Modern Environment

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Creating CCS Headquarters’ Lobby to be a Dynamic, Modern Environment
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Setting the Scene

As a leader in the commercial audio-visual industry, CCS prides itself on operating as a trusted resource for stellar AV products and cutting-edge audio video integration.

CCS has experienced rapid growth, both internally and externally, and in 2022 designed and built a brand-new national headquarters in Mesa, AZ. They wanted something stunning for their main lobby that would reflect their AV expertise and passion for tech. CCS enlisted its proud manufacturing partner, Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America to design the lobby’s main feature, an unusual 90-degree wraparound dvLED wall. With a detailed vision in mind, Sharp/NEC got to work, collaborating with CCS and design agency, OpenEye Global, to bring the lobby to life using two LED walls and stunning imagery.

The Request

Sharp/NEC was tasked with creating a compelling, wrap-around display wall that would serve as the focal point of the CCS lobby, OpenEye and Sharp/NEC brainstormed how to best captivate visitors and provide the best possible visual experience as soon as individuals walked through the doors. As this video wall could be seen immediately upon entering the building, it was imperative that the technology both operated perfectly and had aesthetics to match. Sharp/NEC acknowledged the need for a functional product that was easily adaptable and brought energy to the lobby. The team knew a traditional corporate lobby design wouldn’t work. It was critical that the end outcome represent CCS’ audio and visual capabilities while also boasting longevity and reliability.

With these requirements in mind, CCS knew they could count on Sharp/NEC. The team used two direct-view LED walls featuring the NEC LED-FE-015i2 1.5mm pixel pitch modules to make an extraordinary 90-degree, wrap-around corner unit, which mastered CCS’ ask for a captivating lobby scene.

“We were really aiming for a ‘WOW’ factor,” said CCS’ Chief Marketing Officer, Julie Solomon. “The standard corporate lobby just wasn’t for us. In our line of business, visuals are key. It was incredible to work with Sharp/NEC and OpenEye Global to make this happen.”

Capitalizing on Immersive Technology

OpenEye Global’s senior creative producer, Douglas Dowson, shared that Sharp/NEC’s dvLED displays, “Render content beautifully.” Dowson was pleased with how OpenEye Global’s content appeared seamlessly and clearly across the technology.

“From epic nature scenes to a forced perspective brand highlight, this 90 degree design completely invigorated the space,” said Dowson.

CCS was elated that this showpiece for the lobby was the work of Sharp/NEC, one of its strongest partners, and the compliments received as a result of the installation are a plus, as well.

“As soon as people walk into the building, it’s the first thing they see, and the first thing they compliment,” noted Solomon. “It’s just so incredibly striking.”

The CCS and OpenEye Global teams also noted that they experienced smooth planning, configuration and collaboration during the process with both Sharp/NEC team members and products. Through the celebration of an artistic-industrial vibe and gleaming technology, the three teams found success and created the ultimate, dynamic lobby scene.

With its stunning front entrance, CCS employees, customers, and visitors alike are captivated the moment they step foot in the building. From beautiful nature scenes to AV product highlight reels, the massive, wrap-around LED screen is seen by all, providing a positive view for office-goers, from the first one in, to the last one out.