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Open Office Gets Assist from Kontour

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Open Office Gets Assist from Kontour
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Darling Ingredients, a sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredient company, was creating a new expansion suite using an open office plan. This was a new concept for the company, which was interested in exploring a fresh look and functionality for the office. Furniture Solutions Now helped them to concept the modern look and glass offices.

Furniture Solutions created 10 pods for the space. Each pod is comprised of three 120 degree desks with privacy glass between them.

For people who were already working at the company, the new workstations were going to have a substantially smaller user space than they were used to. They used to have a 6 x 8 x 6-foot station. The new pods would have less than half that.

With new paperless offices, desk space isn’t needed as much. However, with two monitors and a laptop per desk, the surface space available was still at a premium. They needed a way to free up desk space to optimize each pod.


Enter Chief’s Kontour monitor arms. The K1C220SXRH Dual Monitor Dynamic Column Mount with Reduced Height provided a column with arms to raise the monitors up off the desk. When it became apparent that each desk would also have a laptop feeding the monitors information, they added the KRA231S Column Mounted Extreme Tilt Head Accessory and KRA300S Laptop Tray Accessory combined added a third spot for the laptops right at the column. The arms are versatile enough to reach around and place the monitors in front.

“For what this client wanted and needed, I knew this would be a perfect fit for them,” said Jeff McCallister, Account Manager at Furniture Solutions Now.

The reduced height monitor arms provide the maximum amount of both dynamic and manual height adjustment for the ultimate ergonomic solution.

The flexibility of Kontour mounts was beneficial for the project. McCallister said the mounts were a huge help in setting up the workstations due to being able to move the monitors up and down on the column, adjust screens and reach the monitors out in front of the laptops. Assembling and modifying stations is also simple – even taking a full monitor off one arm and taking it to a different owner.

“The whole flexibility of that monitor arm is fantastic,” McCallister said. “The ease of putting it together, knowing you can mount through a grommet or as a clamp.”

The aesthetics also matched the office’s contemporary look of white tops and silver bases. The silver finish of the Kontour mounts fit in perfectly.


Mr. McCallister said his client has gotten unanimous rave reviews on the new space from the employees.

Open office spaces are becoming more common in the Dallas market. Kontour mounts from Chief will have a solution to fit each new need ergonomically and aesthetically.