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VIA Connect PRO Proves Flexible for University

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VIA Connect PRO Proves Flexible for University
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VIA Connect PRO Proves Flexible for University
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When the technology director at the graduate school of Health Sciences at a major southeastern University heard about the Kramer Electronics VIA Connect PRO, he immediately wanted a demonstration.  The sales team at local audio video installer CI Audio Video obliged, showing him the wireless collaboration solution that has become a popular alternative to fully wired, more involved presentation systems.

The VIA Connect PRO can be used with any laptop or mobile device for viewing, editing and commenting on documents in real time.  Users can also share files and chat with individuals or multiple participants simultaneously.  Up to four screens can be shown on the main display.  In addition, the VIA Connect PRO offers full HD wireless video streaming, supporting full HD 1080p/60, MP3 files and photos. 

As a result of the demonstration, the University installed a VIA Connect PRO in its Health Sciences conference room to meet the needs of faculty and administrators.  The conference room seats 10 at the boardroom table and has a capacity of 16 people.  The unit is connected to an LCD display, where meeting attendees can collaborate on documents together.

“The client was hoping to do away with a wired system, and using the VIA Connect PRO has been beneficial,” said Tim Rice of CI Audio Video. “The staff and faculty are always in a hurry, and the VIA Connect PRO is simple to use and takes very little time to get connected for a meeting.”

The school’s technology director concurs. “The VIA Connect PRO is very reliable.  It’s so easy for anyone who comes into a meeting to use, and it works every time,” he said.

The system supports both MAC and PC, as well as Android and iOS mobile operating systems.   Not only can files can be instantly shared by Cloud connection, but VIA Connect PRO’s powerful security features make sure no data is compromised.

Rice says the success of the unit in the conference room has set the stage for other applications at the school.  “The cables and connectors to wired audio video units in classrooms have taken a beating, and the wireless VIA Connect PRO is an ideal way to eliminate this problem,” he explained.  Rice said the conference room success is the first step to the possibility of wireless units throughout the campus.